Policy Group Mailing List

Transportation policy can be fun to watch, and critical to engage, but policy is always better with friends. Transport Oakland created the Transport Oakland Policy Group for this exact purpose. Whether you’re new to Oakland and want to learn about current events, or know Oakland well and want to learn how our transportation policy gets made, the Policy Group mailing list may be for you.

Community Guidelines

  • Sharing is caring. Did you attend a meeting that was interesting? Hear some exciting news? Read a fascinating article? This all only works if people are willing to keep the conversation moving.
  • We’re all here to learn, so when in doubt, assume good intentions. Similarly, exercise good intentions yourself.
  • Asking questions is a heroic act of leadership. Did someone use an acronym or reference a policy you don’t understand? You’re probably not alone, and others will appreciate if you ask for clarification.
  • The group functions according to Chatham House Rules: participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. When in doubt, ask the author for their intent.
  • That said, know that information wants to be free, and sometimes things get out. Exercise caution sharing information you wouldn’t want widely distributed.

How to Participate

  1. Use your Google account to join here.
  2. Write a note with your request explaining your interest in transportation policy in Oakland.
  3. Once you’re approved, send a note introducing yourself to the group. Mention what you’d like to learn, and what you’d like to teach (if anything).
  4. Once you’re in, contribute as selflessly as you can. Answer questions. Make suggestions. Encourage others.

Examples of Things to Post

  • Did you attend a public meeting in the City, BART, or AC Transit? Or something else? Share what you heard, and let us know what we should be paying attention to.
  • Is there a meeting or event coming up that you think people would like to attend? Let us know.
  • Did someone use a strange term in a transportation policy setting? Ask for (or give) and explainer.

This is a Living Document

The Policy Group started in 2017, and Transport Oakland is excited to see it grow and support broader and deeper understanding. These guidelines are our attempt to support the group into a fledgling community. Let us know how we can do better.