Emily Heard

Emily HeardEmily Heard is a current District 1 resident and avid urban nerd. In her professional life, Emily is an urban planner focusing on the connection between transportation design and investment and development patterns, both locally and on a regional scale. She currently works on managing funding for major capital projects for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFTMA). Before joining SFMTA, Emily spent several years working with a local economics consulting firm specializing in urban issues, working on a range of projects such as economic development strategies, affordable housing strategies, transit corridor and specific plans, and market analysis; with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Commission to plan around catalytic transit investments on Long Island; did pedestrian planning in New York City; and worked on development strategies in suburban Chicago around commuter train stations.

Emily holds a Master’s of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University in New York, where she focused on transportation and land use, and regional planning. Before her graduate studies, she completed the Great Books Program at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM.