Working Together for Safe, Sustainable, and Equitable Transportation Policy for Oakland

Transport Oakland works to elect government leaders in Oakland who support the enactment of safe, sustainable and equitable transportation policies. The organization worked for the establishment of a strong, independent Department of Transportation for the City of Oakland and continues efforts for better transportation infrastructure and for Oakland.

We support and promote a vision of transportation infrastructure and policy that will bring livability, vitality, sustainability, and equity to Oakland.


In support of that vision, our policy agenda includes the following priorities:

  1. Support the Agency: Provide OakDOT with the backing and resources it needs to be successful
  2. Involve the People: Broaden community input into transportation-related decisions
  3. Fix the Streets: Support existing projects and processes that promote safe, multi-modal, street use


Join us in our efforts to make transportation better in Oakland!

  • Encourage our elected officials to support good transportation policies. Contact your Oakland City Council member and/or representatives to the BART and AC Transit districts to encourage them to support Transport Oakland priorities;
  • Attend public meetings affecting transportation policy in Oakland and Transport Oakland events;
  • Check out our Blog and Sign up to receive email updates on transportation policy issues affecting Oakland residents;
  • Contribute to the discussion: Join the Transport Oakland policy committee;
  • Contact us with your thoughts.