Transport Oakland: Our Platform

Transport Oakland has endorsed candidates in the upcoming fall election who support our 2018 Election Priorities:

  1. Support the Agency: Provide OakDOT with the backing and resources it needs to be successful
  2. Involve the People: Broaden community input into transportation-related decisions
  3. Fix the Streets: Support existing projects and processes that promote safe, multi-modal, street use

We believe that electing candidates that support these priorities is a crucial step towards achieving our vision of transportation infrastructure and policy that will bring livability, vitality, sustainability, and equity to Oakland. Transport Oakland will be supporting our endorsed candidates by organizing our members to volunteer at candidate field events.


Our Endorsements:

Mayor — Libby Schaaf. Her commitment to sustainable and equitable transportation policies and track record of results sets her apart from other candidates. In her first term alone, Mayor Schaaf oversaw the creation of the Oakland Department of Transportation, removed minimum parking requirements downtown, took action to expedite hiring staff at OakDOT, and many additional accomplishments. Read more

City Council, District 2  — Abel Guillen. In his first term, Councilmember Guillen has been a strong supporter of sustainable transportation projects including the 2016 Grand Avenue road diet and the proposed Park Boulevard road diet. He also co-authored Oakland’s Infrastructure Bond that was overwhelming approved by voters in 2016 which provides $600 million for street repaving, bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, affordable housing, and community facilities across the city. Read more

City Council, District 4 — Pamela Harris. Harris supports great transportation, from transit-oriented development to complete and safe streets. We believe her experience with community organizing and service, her commitment to social justice, and her interest in improving Oakland’s relationships with AC Transit and BART will make her a good addition to Oakland’s City Council. Read more

City Council, District 6 — Loren Taylor AND Mya Whitaker. With a dual endorsement for District 6, we believe both Loren Taylor and Mya Whitaker would do a great job representing East Oakland on City Council.

  • Loren Taylor: With a campaign focused on improving economic vitality and housing in East Oakland, Taylor understands the necessity of better transportation to achieve that vision. He understands that improving transportation across Oakland can increase opportunities for residents and improve access to jobs, housing, and healthcare. Read more
  • Mya Whitaker: Whitaker grew up in East Oakland and understands what her community needs from City leaders. Her vision for including the community in decision making processes would support better and more equitable transportation options in Oakland. Read more

AC Transit, Ward 3 — Elsa Ortiz. Director Ortiz has served on AC Transit’s Board of Director since 2006 and has steadfastly supported good policies that put riders first. AC Transit is facing numerous challenges including unstable funding sources and declining ridership. Transport Oakland believes that Ortiz’s leadership is vital to resolving these challenges.

Use this map to find out if you’ll be able to vote for Ortiz this November

BART Board of Directors, District 4 — Robert Raburn. Director Raburn has served on the BART Board of Directors since 2010 and his leadership resulted in the 2016 BART Board adoption of a Transit Oriented Development policy with strong affordability goals. He has also championed core capacity and reliability projects and voted against the proposed Livermore extension that would have diverted limited capital funds from maintaining the BART system to another costly extension.

Use this map to find out if you’ll be able to vote for Director Raburn this November.


How can I help?

You can sign up to provide field support for our endorsed candidates! Candidates value your time the most and every volunteer hour that Transport Oakland can provide to our endorsed candidates directly influences the election. Whether or not you can provide your time please also consider donating directly to these candidates campaigns if you able.